Computerised process

Our CNC bending machines allow us to curve and
bend pipes and profiles in a synchronised way
and to manufacture large and consistent
series of products.


applied to technology

Our personnel's experience is a precious asset
for our bending department
and allows us to process any type of sheet metal.


Converting a project
into a flawless product

Our experience and technology
allow us to perform precision pipe
and sheet metal bending to create
unique metal parts of even
the most complicated shape.

Our CNC bending machines
feature bend angle control
to ensure the same tolerance values
in every process.

The automated bending process allows us to manufacture a significant number
of parts within tight tolerances. This allows us to ensure
the highest accuracy in converting a project into a finished product.

Beyeler bending machines

  • Bending width: 3100mm
  • Bending strength: 200t