We perform
any surface

Before assembly and packaging,
our machined products undergo
finishing, cleaning, polishing,
and satinising treatments, which enhance
the aesthetic and functional value of the product.


Aesthetic and
functional coatings

Products should also be aesthetically pleasing.
In the design industry, machined parts
must be solid and beautiful.



We operate with in-house personnel
in every stage of the process
to ensure the highest quality.


We check everything
with our own hands

The experience of Mecom personnel
adds value to our products.


From design to packaging
everything is done
with extreme care

Every stage of the production process is extremely important for us.

We collaborate closely with reliable suppliers
and we can provide any surface finishing
treatment required.

Whether for mere aesthetic purposes or to ensure the physical and mechanical properties required from the finished product, we provide any type of surface finishing treatment both in-house or relying on our suppliers.

Rosler tumble blast machine

Washing and dewatering machine