Laser cutting

Laser processes
to obtain any shape

We carry out quick precision
laser cutting of sheet metals, pipes
and profiles without any limitation regarding shape.

Laser cutting


The laser cut is made with great precision
and speed on stainless steel,
steel, and aluminium.

Laser cutting

Minimum waste

The automated punching
and drawing processes allow for
quick and precise sheet metal
cutting, shaping, and nibbling processes.

Mecom was among the first
Veneto-based companies
to have a laser cutting machine.
Now we have expanded our cutting capacity
releasing ourselves from punching constraints.

Laser cutting offers many advantages compared to other sheet metal cutting technologies. The most evident are precision, clean cuts without uneven edges,
and speediness. It is also important to stress the amount of scrap produced
by laser cutting, which is much lower than other cutting technologies.

TRUMPF laser cutting machine

  • Cutting area: 1500x3000mm
  • Cutting thickness:
    20mm Steel
    15mm Stainless steel
    10mm Aluminium

Trumpf punching machine

  • Cutting area: 1250x2500mm
  • Cutting thickness: 8mm Steel

Beyeler shears

  • Cutting width: 3000mm
  • Cutting thickness: 8mm Steel