Obtaining even
the most unusual shapes

The stainless steel, steel,
and aluminium moulding, drawing
and cold shearing processes
allow us to create considerable series of moulds
for third parties with customised dies
in the shortest time possible.


Coil or secondary

We use the best moulding system
to meet project specifications.


600 T moulding presses
to obtain any shape

Delicate sectors require
high precision moulded parts.
Our moulding presses
allow us to mould any shape required.


Constant precision
and high production rates

Three moulding presses to ensure
high production rates in reduced time,
without compromising quality.

Mecom has 3 moulding presses
configured for coil or secondary moulding.

Our moulding operations are a combination of high precision, 
speedinessconsistent quality, and compliance with the project
with considerable flexibility to obtain even the most unusual shapes.

Balconi moulding presses

  • Strength: 600t