Pipe forming

No size or

Our great flexibility allows us to perform any
pipe forming and sheet metal calendering process
on non-standard tubular profiles
according to specific requirements.

Pipe forming

Any shape,
turning the project into reality

We provide our services in industries
with very different requirements.
From sturdiness to elegance,
whatever your request we will meet it.

Pipe forming

Special machines
for particular processes

In addition to our high quality machine fleet,
we have special pipe forming machines
to meet requirements with high repeatability
of the pipe features.

Pipe forming

Any application,
from mechanics
to furniture

The intended use of the finished product
is not a problem, as demonstrated by the
list of projects we have carried out.

Our machine fleet
allows us to give the pipe any shape.
We have no size limitations
or processing difficulties.

We can process pipes for different sectors without any limits in terms of shape,
size, and intended use. With these special machines, we can meet
any customer requirement in-house, with no impact on delivery times.

Wecotech cold forming machine

Omera beading machine

Omera trimming machine

Various special machines

Facing machine

Moulding presses