Experience in steel
and aluminium welding

Over thirty years of experience in steel
and aluminium welding allow us to ensure this process
for third parties with consistent high quality.


Robotised islands
for absolute precision

Our mechanical workshop
provides TIG, MIG/MAG 
and plasma welding services
relying on robotised welding islands.


Personnel specialised
in manual welding

Quality, technology, and experience
ensure perfect metal joining
and flawless metal processing.


welding machine
for ABB pipes

The robotised welding process
and every welding island activity
is programmed via software
by highly qualified personnel.


Precise, even
and automated


The robotised steel and aluminium
welding process ensures consistent
speediness and precision, thereby allowing
us to machine a series of small and
large-sized products.

Three robotised welding islands

Our state of the art welding equipment and highly qualified operators
allow us to perform any type of welding operation in-house,
without having to rely on subcontractors.
Our robotised islands allow us to combine speediness and precision.

ABB welding robots

  • with table change.

Linear pipe welding machine

  • Plasma welding of pipes with up to ø500mm.

Manual welding

  • Our operators have all the experience to manually weld steel and aluminium.

Manual spot welding

Tecna spot welding machine, Telit