Raw materials in stock,
quality control
before processing the order.


Close collaboration
with suppliers to identify
the best material.


Short delivery times


production process.


Continuous training
for personnel.

The Production Process

Mecom’s key words are price, punctuality, and quality.
We keep a large amount of raw materials in stock.
Quality controls are carried out before
receiving processing orders
, thereby ensuring
that every material used is flawless.
Production times do not depend on suppliers' deliveries
and the raw materials are the same ones used for sampling.
This corporate policy allows Mecom to combine quality,
speediness, and timely production without any waste.

The personnel

Our designers and machine operators undergo continuous
to be always up to date with complex metal
machining processes
and state of the art machinery.
From the first contact to delivery of the finished product,
our clients are assisted by professionals who offer
their expertise as reliable partners and consultants.

ISO 9001/2008 certified processes

Our company meets the requirements
of the quality management standard.

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