Taglio laser

and experience

in sheet metal

Lavorazione lamiera

The ideal

We are the ideal mechanical workshop
for projects that require
consolidated expertise and
state of the art technology.



Even the most demanding requirements
are easily met thanks to our 
state of the art laser cutting, turning,
bending, and milling machines.


High quality materials
in stock

When it comes to mechanical processes,
it is essential to rely on a stock of raw materials
that have already undergone
quality controls and are ready to
be used in the production stages.

Lavorazione lamiere

Quick processing times

Our logistic choices and
automated production process
allow us to set
precise delivery dates.

and know-how
in metal processing
and laser cut

Mecom combines experience and innovation in metal processing.
The past and the future of precision mechanics
meet in our mechanical workshop, which boasts over thirty years
of experience and uses state of the art technology
in laser cutting, bending, turning, milling, and welding processes.

  • Precise cuts of any shape without the limitations of punching.
    Quick and flexible machining with reduced waste.

  • Automated turning and bar passage
    to quickly manufacture
    a large number of parts
    without sacrificing precision.

  • Numerical control machines
    and qualified personnel ensure large
    and even complex production volumes
    with the same tolerance values.

  • High production rate machines that allow for independent chip removal for both in-house and third-party processes.

  • Robotised islands for quick welding operations on products of any size with excellent and consistent results.

  • No dimensional limit,
    no processing difficulty.
    Special machines for any project.

  • Constant precision even for complex shapes, thanks to dies created as per specification in a short amount of time.
    600 T moulding presses to obtain any shape.

  • Painting, galvanisation, burnishing, and chrome-plating surface treatments. Attention to the slightest detail.

Mecom, esperienza nella lavorazione meccanica

our strength

We invest in our personnel's training 
and in production process optimisation
to ensure timely processing
and collaborate as your single partner
throughout every stage of the project.

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Mecom, magazzino con ampia disponibitlià di materie prime

Wide availability
of raw materials

We keep the raw materials required
for any type of process in stock.
Upon accepting the order,
the raw materials are already available
and have already passed the quality inspections.

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Mecom, lavorazioni certificate ISO 9001/2008

High quality

Orders are processed using the
raw materials in stock
and already checked to ensure
the absence of any nonconformity.
The automated production process
ensures a finished product
of the highest quality.

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