Passion and experience
in metal processing
for over thirty years.

Ever since the ‘80s, Mecom has evolved and remained at the forefront 
of technology, equipment, management and organisational policies. 
Thanks to speedy production that meets the specific requirements of the order, as well as our technical and design expertise, our company has been
the key to success for clients who operate in various sectors, such as industrial heating, design, and furniture.
Mecom carries out various types of metal processes, from sheet metal machining
to chip removal.
Our services range from the supply of machined products to consulting and design.
Mecom collaborates closely with the client and is a reliable partner throughout every stage of the project.

Mecom, esperienza nel taglio laser

Metal Processing

We carry out special aluminium and steel machining entirely in-house, without outsourcing. We employ highly qualified personnel who operate state of the art machinery. This allows us to provide machined products of the highest quality.

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Professionalità nella lavorazione lamiera


Experience, cutting edge machinery, and a modern and flexible production plan allow us to be the perfect partner for your machining needs in very different fields, including the furniture, precision components, medical and petrochemical industries.

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Servizio completo riguardo la lavorazione lamiere

Consulting and design

We provide our clients with our in-depth
of production processes
and various metals, and of the specific
requirements of different industries
is an idea and we will turn it into
a high quality product.

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