starts from the project

Our qualified personnel will assist you
in transforming your idea in a project
ready to be manufactured.


A complete

We offer our knowledge of the various
production processes and metals
to obtain a finished product
that meets all your needs.


A turnkey

We collaborate with you as your partners.
We take care of the technical aspects,
so you can focus on the creative side.


Our vast experience
at your service

We have carried out successful projects
in various sectors, including the design, furniture,
medical and aerospace industries.

Complete and efficient
consulting service

Mecom provides a complete consulting service.
By entrusting every technical aspect to our designers,
clients can focus on other aspects of the project.
You can be sure to have our machined metal parts delivered on time
with the required quality. In the industries we operate in,
such as the design, furniture, aerospace, and component industries,
we are no longer seen as a mere supplier, but as a reliable partner.